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Early Peruvian Recordings

This section is organized chronologically and it starts with a few recordings I made in Peru before moving to the US back in 1988.


The following three pieces survived from a recording on an old cassette. This was my first work for the stage.


Here is some studio work both as a composer and a guitar player from some time in the early eighties.

5 de 5

During 1981 we formed a Jazz Quintet with Manuel Miranda on flute, Raul Cragg on sax, Alfonso (forget the last name) on bass and Carlos Ballón on drums. We were the only young jazz band in Lima.

Guarango Live!

What comes next is a live recording we did at some theater in Lima with Guarango. It was at the end of our time together, as we were playing with the late Pocho Purizaga on drums.

With Alana Cahoon

I arrived in Manhattan in 1991. Shortly after arriving I met a wonderful young singer, Alana Cahoon. She was doing a series of performances at an Art Gallery in Soho and invited me to play with her.

Works in Progress

What comes next is a series of songs that I recorded in New York between 1993 and 1997. On the first songs I was just learning how to sequence things…

Mr. Mushroom

Moving From LA to NYC was almost as intense as moving from Lima to LA. NYC was a life changing experience for this lonely young musician …

Jam With Paul Nash

One of the wonderful things of living in New York City is that you meet very interesting and self-driven individuals and artists. Paul Nash was one of such individuals.

Sugestión (Hypnotic Suggestion)

I think it was in 1995 that my friend Álvaro Gonzales was graduating from Cinema at NYU and asked me if I could compose the music for his short suspense graduation film.

The Bottom Line

I don't remember exactly when, but sometime around 1996 I got commissioned by Olympic athlete Karen Amen to compose the music for her next fitness video, The Bottom Line.


In 1997, my wife Christine and I moved from Brooklyn to Barcelona, Spain. It was a great experience, not exempt from its challenges.

Back in the USA

…my friend Álvaro Gonzáles asked me if I could compose the music for a documentary of his called Semana Santa (Holy Week)