With Alana Cahoon

I arrived in Manhattan in 1991. Shortly after arriving I met a wonderful young singer, Alana Cahoon. She was doing a series of performances at an Art Gallery in Soho and invited me to play with her. She was reading some of her poems and singing some of her songs. We worked first as a duo and eventually formed a band and played in some of the famous bars on Bleecker Street. I think we had a good thing going, but had no idea about how to promote it. We recorded a few songs of hers as a duo (I doubled the lead guitars). The songs sound great, but unfortunately the recording was rudimentary. I borrowed a 4 channel Tascam cassette recorder from a friend, we used a cheap mic for the vocals and actually a guitar pedal for reverb. We didn't have any money and didn't know any better. However if you go beyond the obvious technical limitations, I think you'll enjoy the songs. All songs written by Alana Cahoon and arranged by me.

  • Wings of Love
  • Nothing To Hide
  • When I sleep Alone
  • Rest My Love
  • Baby Like You
  • Fool For Love