After The Longest Dream

After The Longest Dream, is an album that came as if by magic. Even though when I started playing years and years ago I worked in bands with singers…


Abelardo Oquendo Heraud and Trevor Warren have a recorded their first duo guitar album together in Granada, Spain.


Nada Yoga or Sound Yoga is a form of meditation that uses sound in the search for the unity with everything that exists, the dissolution of the mirage…

In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness is the union of an ancient tradition with modern instruments that are used for meditation and relaxation, music better known today as New Age.

Facing South

Facing South was my first solo CD, and it represented a quantum leap in my development as a musician. It's a mixture of Fusion, Smooth Jazz and World Music.


Guarango was the first band I made a professional recording with back in Lima. It was a great band, and I believe that if we had not been living in Lima…