After The Longest Dream

After The Longest Dream, is an album that came as if by magic. Even though when I started playing years and years ago I worked in bands with singers, in time I fell in love with jazz and instrumental music, and forgot all about lyrics. In 2012, when I was going through some of my old music material, I came across one song, The Riddle, that I had composed in Barcelona back in 1998, and that, curiously enough, had lyrics.

That period in Barcelona was a very creative time for me, and along with The Riddle, I composed a string of songs that introduced some voice without lyrics, Enlightenment and Fading Forests among them. They were great songs but they had something missing. Listening to The Riddle again back in 2012, it dawned on me that what was missing was precisely the lyrics. The songs were like dresses without a body. They were telling a story that went beyond the melody. From that moment on, the lyrics started to flow and more songs came almost one after the other, and in about three or four months the first draft of the project was completed.

Since I am an awful singer I had the immense good fortune to meet Yesire. After a few jams I asked him if he would be interested in singing a few of my songs. He loved them and sang them all. Yeseire is a great singer; he has a style of his own and is a really cool upbeat guy to work with. This album owes him a great deal.

I was also fortunate to meet Mariano, a wonderful musician who specializes in composing for theater. He heard my mixes and suggested that he could improve them. The project also owes him a great deal.

This album talks insistently about some of the most important aspects of human life. It is poetic, because there is no direct way of saying these things. Great wise people have always used symbolic language to speak of these truths because all we can do is point in the right direction. No word is big enough.

The metaphors are ageless; life is but a dream, a mirror. Our own true nature is luminous, one and the same. The secret we search for lies within. Happiness will always remain elusive as long as we insist on searching for it outside of our selves. Everything shall pass, life and death are part of the same interconnected process. Open up, embrace reality. The meanness of pride. The importance of passing this knowledge to our children. And most importantly, at the core we always find love and hope, the true lifeboats to trail the waters of sorrow.

My hope is that you love this music and that it will help awaken you, come to the realization that the power of change, of dreaming a better dream lies within. That the difference between enlightenment and ignorance is smaller than you might think. We could make this a much better world in a minute, in an instant. We all crave the same love because we are expressions of the same love. As incomprehensible as it might seem within the confines of the saga of everyday life, all that is required for reality to shift is a change of perception. We don't need to find a practical solution to all world troubles, to injustice, war and pollution, to hunger and poverty, to illness, although we will eventually, inevitably, also achieve that. We live in a political and economic reality; there is no denying that. But true change flows from within. Let love flow, and paint the world behind the window of your eyes. Awakened hearts, rainbows of love become…

I have written these songs also to help myself. I am no wiser or more spiritual than you. No one is. Let's wake up together. Become warriors of stillness.


After The Longest Dream

I'm turning the Wheel
Turning the Wheel of Time
I open my eyes
After the longest dream
I am Me and I am not
I am free
The cauldron of Time
Bursts with the sword of Now

Awakening hearts
Rainbows of love become
And the World is reborn
With their song

How did we fall
In the darkest of traps?
What turned the light
Into a bottomless night?
Ever close
To the dream of all dreams
To the dream king
Where true wakefulness lies
Light that pain can't sustain nor restrain

You're turning the Wheel
Turning the Wheel of Time
You open your eyes
After the longest dream
You are You and You are not
You are free
The cauldron of Time
Bursts with the sword of Now

Awakening hearts
Rainbows of love become
And the World is reborn
With their dance

Could be all that
We want and more
If we join
Hearts and Minds and Spirits
Could be all that
We want and more
Wake up Now!

Después del Más Largo de los Sueños

Estoy girando el molinillo
Girando el molinillo del Tiempo
Abro mi ojos
Después del más largo de los sueños
Soy Yo mismo y no soy
Soy libre
El caldero del Tiempo
Estalla bajo la espada del Ahora

Corazones que despiertan
Se vuelven arco irises de amor
Y el Mundo renace
Con su canto

¿Cómo fue que caímos
En la más oscura de las trampas?
¿Que hizo de la luz
Una noche sin fondo?
Siempre cercanos
Al sueño de todos los sueños
Al rey de los sueños
Donde mora el verdadero despertar
Luz que el dolor no puede ni alimentar ni refrenar

Estás girando el Molinillo
Girando el Molinillo del Tiempo
Abres los ojos
Después del más largo de los sueños
Eres tú y no eres
Eres libre
El caldero del tiempo
Estalla bajo la espada del Ahora

Corazones que despiertan
Se vuelven arco irises de amor
Y el Mundo renace
Con su danza

La vida
Podría ser todo
Lo que deseamos y más
Si unimos
Corazones, Mentes y Espíritus
La vida
Podría ser todo
Lo que anhelamos y aún más
¡Despierta ya!
Brand New Day

Let your heart
Sing the song it wants to sing
Let your mind
Rest in thoughts it wants to think
Let your arms
Dance the dance they ought to dance
Let your eyes
See the World they crave to see

Let the World
Greet your heart with harmony
Let the Love
Find it's way through you and me
Let the Time
Teach you Wisdom in this life
Let Perfection
Show its wings in All that is

Lift your heart
And let it soar
As high as Sky
And even more
The time has come
It's all around
It's going to be a new day
Brand new day

You might not see
Your mind is trapped
But in your heart
You know I'm right
Claim your soul
Align with Love
It's going to be a new day
Brand new day

Let your fears go
You can't lose what's yours

Join our hearts
The time is Now
Be the change

Un Día Absolutamente Nuevo

Deja que tu corazón
Cante la canción que quiere cantar
Deja que tu mente repose
En pensamientos que desea pensar
Deja que tus brazos
Bailen el baile que deben bailar
Deja que tus ojos vean
El mundo que ansían ver

Deja que el Mundo
Salude a tu corazón con armonía
Deja que el amor
Encuentre su camino entre tú y yo
Deja que el Tiempo
Te enseñe sabiduría en esta vida
Deja que la perfección
Muestre sus alas en todo lo que existe

Eleva tu corazón
Y déjalo volar
Tan alto como el cielo
Y aún más
El tiempo ha llegado
Nos rodea
Va a ser un nuevo día
Un día absolutamente Nuevo

Puede que no lo veas
Tu mente está cautiva
Pero en tu corazón
Sabes que estoy en lo cierto
Reclama tu alma
Alíneate con el amor
Va a ser un nuevo día
Un día absolutamente Nuevo

Deja que partan tus miedos
No puedes perder aquello que es tuyo

Unamos nuestros corazones
El tiempo es ahora
Sé el cambio (x3)
Dance Of Time

Everything shall pass
Everything shall go
Every drop of light
That ever kissed your eyes
And everything must change
Oh yes everything must age
In the dance of Time
That lives and breathes and hopes

Everything must grow
Everything decays
Every little spark inside your Soul
Is claiming for what's new
And everything shall come to be
Every dream will manifest
Everything under the sky
Is waiting to be yours

Open up the door
Embrace the world around
Turn the pages of the mirror
And see the light

Leave your thoughts behind
No word is big enough
Quiet wisdom is arising

I know these words are simply words
And pain
Is spreading everywhere
It seems that love is gone
Where's Magic in the World?
But listen to your heart
Where there is Love
There's Hope (Bis)

La Danza del Tiempo

Todo ha de pasar
Todo ha de partir
Cada gota de luz
Que alguna vez besó tus ojos
Y todo debe cambiar
O sí, todo debe envejecer
En la danza del tiempo
Que vive y respira y espera

Todo debe crecer
Todo decae
Cada pequeña chispa dentro de tu alma
Está demandando lo que es nuevo
Y todo ha de suceder
Cada sueño se manifestará
Todo lo que hay bajo el cielo
Está esperando ser tuyo

Abre la puerta
Acoge al mundo que te rodea
Voltea las páginas del espejo
Y ve la luz

Deja atrás tus pensamientos
Ninguna palabra es tan grande
Una sabiduría silenciosa
Está surgiendo por doquier

Sé que estas no son sino palabras
Y que el dolor
Se expande por doquier
El amor parece haberse fugado
¿Dónde quedó la magia del mundo?
Pero escucha a tu corazón
Allí donde hay amor
Hay esperanza (Bis)

  • • El Secreto - 4:19
  • • Enlightenment - 5:22
  • • Fading Forests - 6:27
  • • Pathless Path - 5:12
  • • Take Me Away - 6:53
  • • The Riddle (Of Your Heart) - 6:40
  • • Warriors Of Stillness - 5:22


  • All songs composed, arranged and performed by ABE (Abelardo Oquendo Heraud).
  • Vocals, backing vocals and backing vocal arrangements by Yesiere. Drums in tracks 1, 2 and 3, Torres.
  • Mixed by Mariano Lozano.
  • Mastered by Sage Audio in Nashville, TN. © BMI 2014.

This album is dedicated to all of you.

All rights reserved.