Facing South

Facing South was my first solo CD, and it represented a quantum leap in my development as a musician. It's a mixture of Fusion, Smooth Jazz and World Music. It also has many of the landmarks of an LA production, with studio musicians and a more produced sound. It brought to completion the circle that opened for me in LA back in 1988.

Friendship has made this CD possible. I would like to give my deepest thanks to my friends and relatives that have helped make this project a reality. Pierre Garreaud, a talented Artist/Producer, who believes in my music. Throughout the years he has continued to inspire me and remind me of my duty. Jose Gonzales' friendship has also made this CD possible. My brother, Sergio Oquendo, who's love and understanding has supported me. Mauricio Guerrero, for setting up the sound for recording the drums. Jacqueline McArdle and Julie Robey for the CD art work. Julie and Andres for their wonderful hospitality. Sacha Runa Associates, for their support. And to the great musicians who played on this CD, it has been an honor.

This CD is dedicated to my wife Christine for the happiness, confidence, faith and encouragement she has brought to my life.

To my parents. To the thousand faced God in all of creation. May the music help the light in you grow brighter, and the love in your heart grow stronger.


  • • Dreaming The Dreamer - 6:04 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Latin Child - 5:36 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Journey To The Heart - 5:36 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Luna In Lake Navajo - 6:53 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Otra Vez En Tu Voz - 6:11 - (Garreaud)*
  • • Butterfly - 4:88 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Southern Blues - 5:16 - (Garreaud)*
  • • Negra - 3:77 - (Garreaud)*
  • • Freedom Dream - 5:17 - (Oquendo Heraud)
  • • Namaste - 3:06 - (Oquendo Heraud)


  • Abelardo Oquendo Heraud: Ovation and electric guitars, nylon string guitar.
    Keyboard programming, vocals in "Journey To The Heart".
  • Guillermo Guzman: Bass.
  • Jose Antonio Morelli: Drums.
  • Rafael Padilla: Percussion.
  • Pedro Eustache: Sax & Iwy in "Negra", Flute in "Otra Vez en Tu Voz" & "Freedom Dream".
  • "Michito" Sanchez: Percussion in "Southern Blues", "Negra" & "Latin Child".
  • Manuel Vasquez: Cajon in "Southern Blues", "Negra" & "Luna in Lake Navajo".
  • Pierre Garreaud: Nylon String Guitar (Rhythm) in "Negra",
    keyboard programming, and vocals in "Dreaming The Dreamer" & "Namaste".
  • Martin Tilman: Cello in "Southern Blues" & "Latin Child".
  • Coco Trivisono: Bandoneon in "Southern Blues".
  • Arturo Velasco: Trombone in "Negra".


  • Produced: Pierre Garreaud and Abelardo Oquendo Heraud.
  • Recorded & Mixed: at "Little Dario" in Los Angeles, August 1997.
  • Recorded and mixed: by Pierre Garreaud.
  • Photography: by Jacqueline McArdle.
  • Graphics: by Julie Robey.
  • Portrait photograph: by Lorry Salcedo.

Milenio Records, 1997

© Abelardo Oquendo, 1997
© Pierre Garreaud, 1997 *
Garreaud Music Publishing, 1997, BMI