Nada Yoga or Sound Yoga is a form of meditation that uses sound in the search for the unity with everything that exists, the dissolution of the mirage of separation in which sometimes we find ourselves trapped.


Through the tones and textures of instruments from various parts of the world, such as the Chinese harp, Hindu mouth harps, Chinese, Andean, North American and Middle Eastern flutes, guitars, guttural and harmonic Mongolian singing, drums and sacred chants of India, Tibetan Bowls, gongs and many other instruments, Ricardo and Abelardo lead us on a journey of personal and spiritual discovery.  Given the explorative nature of this project, some of these instruments are played in traditional fashion, while others are performed in an absolutely free and non-conventional manner.


The work is based on improvisation and spontaneous, intuitive creation. Although both Ricardo and Abelardo are musicians with extensive professional experience, for this work they let go of their different musical backgrounds and influences to flow freely in such a way that the sound and music can synchronize with the present moment. Their goal is to allow their work to become a reflection of the interaction with the vibration of all persons present in their performances.


In Ceremony they go one step further and seek to integrate Nada Yoga with the healing aspect of sound and vibration, inspired by shamanic work. Everything is vibration, everything vibrates and pulsates, and when we produce sound we affect the vibration of all that surrounds us. When we want to make use of sound to heal, it is advisable ¨to "charge¨ the vibration with healing power, and the most powerful vehicle for this is our intention. In the same way that the word "Love" entails a different vibration if it is pronounced with true love than if it is pronounced with sarcasm, musical sound embodies the same potential. When you play a sound with the intention to heal, help, or better the life of the listener in any way, that sound is charged with that intent, and this force binds with the intrinsic power of the sound, increasing its transformative power.


Ceremony consists of five parts. These five stages recreate a possible experience of spiritual transformation. The first stage is the Opening of the Magical Space. To allow for the extraordinary to manifest, at times it is necessary to leave everyday life and enter a magical or extraordinary space. In this symbolic and imaginary space everything can occur, the limits of the known are dissolved and the doors to other dimensions of the possible are opened. Once we open the portals to these new realms, the first thing we do is a "cleansing", we "cut" negative and heavy vibrations, everything that ties us to everyday world, that world in which we always identify ourselves with just one of our possible projections/manifestations, with our daily character and his/her limitations and agonies.


Once clean and comfortable in this extraordinary space, the experience of Acceptance arises. We see ourselves as we really are, fantastic, unlimited, in union with all that is; we accept ourselves as essentially divine beings. Simultaneously we accept this limited version of ourselves, understanding that even in it's limitation, it is perfection, a perfect expression of its unlimited divine potential.


Once we have understood and accepted who we are, we can travel, we can fly, we can visit places that we have never been to. We then see reality through different eyes. Instead of trying to control reality, we let ourselves go, we accept that we are not in control, that we do not need to strive to manipulate reality to make things as we'd like them to be.  We are then free to undertake the Journey, the third stage of this spiritual experience.


At the end, all journeys, all experiences, lead us always to the same place. The goal is always the same for all beings, the return to the essence, to the point of departure, the Reunion, the fourth stage of our journey.


The fifth stage, is the stage of the return to everyday life, the return from this spiritual journey to the world as we left it. But a surprise awaits us. Since we have been transformed by the experience, everything has been transformed along with us. In the hologram of reality, the transformation of any of its parts transforms the whole; even in the temporal dimension, everything is affected, the past, the present and the future are transformed. We return to the ordinary world and realize that this too has become extraordinary! That's why we call this fifth and final stage, Transmutation.