La Resistencia del Guarango

The Resistance of the Guarango

Songs by Alejandro Marambio, Abelardo Oquendo Heraud and Jose Piaggio

Guarango was the first band I made a professional recording with back in Lima. It was a great band, and I believe that if we had not been living in Lima in a time when resources were extremely limited, we would probably would have been much more successful. This recording is just an indication of what could have been much bigger and better. When I listen to it I immediately go back to those young years of my career and all those old feelings reawaken inside myself. It's just like it all had been yesterday.

Guarango is the name of a tree that thrives in the dessert, although the name of the tree is written with an "H" not a "G". It is the symbol of resilience and resistance. Of strength against adversity.

  • • Memorias - 3:37 - (Oquendo) *
  • • Hierba Mala - 3:21 - (Marambio) **
  • • Situaciones - 3:21 - (Piaggio) ***
  • • Fuera de La Ley - 6:45 - (Marambio)
  • • Ballumbrosio - 3:40 - (Piaggio)
  • • El Pirata - 4:18 - (Oquendo)
  • • Con Maraca y con Tambo - 3:10 - (Piaggio)
  • • Caminando Solo - 5:44 - (Marambio)


  • Jose "Chaqueta" Piaggio: Lead vocals, backing vocals and percussion.
  • Abelardo Oquendo Heraud: Guitars, synthesizer, backing vocals.
  • Alejandro "Pochi" Marambio: Bass, Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica.
  • Ramon Olivares: Congas, percussion.
  • Filomeno "Fatiga" Ballumbrosio: Bongos, campana, backing vocals.

Guest musicians

  • Juanchi Vasquez: Campana, cocos *
  • Manuel Miranda: Soprano Sax ***
  • Iris Ibarcena: Backing Vocals *
  • Alex & Noel Marambio: Backing vocals **


  • Production: Guarango, Inproser
  • Musical arrangements: Abelardo & Pochi
  • Sound and Special Effects: Sandro Li Rosi
  • Korg Superdrums DDM 110
  • Programming: Felipe Gastelumendi
  • Mixed: Sandro Li Rosi
  • Recorded: Clio Studios, Lima 1986
  • Graphic Design: Juan Salazar, Nellie Escudero, Pochi Marambio

Special thanks to Walter Twanama and Jaime Campodonico

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