Abe thanks his wife Christine and two sons, Marcelo and Alex, for their love, support and understanding; and his parents, who made possible everything.
Also thanks his friend and teacher, guitarist Kenny Wessel; and professor Lewis Porter, the head of the Jazz History and Research department at Rutgers University in Newark, N.J.

Trevor thanks Paul Jolly at 33, Carmen (light of his life), his Mum and yet again his teachers John Etheridge and John Parricelli  (and now Abe) for the jazz.

Special thanks go to Tom Lardner and Iñaki Rodrigo, who generously lent us valuable equipment for this recording. Abelardo Oquendo Heraud is a guitar player born in Lima, Peru, but he truly belongs to more than one place.  He has lived and studied music in LA and NYC, spent years in Barcelona, and currently lives most of the time in Granada.  His first recording work was back in 1986 in Lima with the band "Guarango".  In 1997 he recorded in LA, "Facing South".  In 1999, while living in BCN recorded "In Search of Happiness" for the Buddhist Monastery of Garraf, Sakya Tashi Ling.  In 2011, he recorded "Ceremony" with Portuguese multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Passos.

Trevor Warren (born London, England 1966) started playing the guitar in 1982. Beginning with rock, he then started exploring jazz,  most recently in his award winning group Disassembler, and world jazz band Deva. He has worked in dance/theatre, with Indian percussionist Balachanda, and in 2012 went to Kenya where he recorded, composed and produced an album with Ayub Ogada. He met Abelardo at a concert in Granada, Spain in 2008 and this is their first album together.


  • Abelardo Oquendo Heraud: electric and electro-acoustic guitars (stereo left)
  • Trevor Warren: electric (stereo right) and spanish guitars, percussion 
  • Engineered, mixed and produced by Trevor Warren and Abelardo Oquendo Heraud, Granada 2013
  • Mastered by Trevor Warren
  • Artwork by Esperanza Romero
  • Design by Ximena Hidalgo and Esperanza Romero
  • Photograph by Christine McArdle

  • Tracks 1, 2, 5, 7 copyright BMI - Tracks 3, 6  copyright PRS/MCPS

  • Tracks 4, 8 copyright BMI Wayne Shorter