Works in Progress

What comes next is a series of songs that I recorded in New York between 1993 and 1997. On the first songs I was just learning how to sequence things, first using a simple step sequencer and then using some of the earlier version of Emagic's Logic Audio after I bought my first Mac computer.

Some of these songs (not included here) became part of Facing South, the CD I recorded in LA in 1997. The others are still waiting to see the light in CD form if I ever get to them. They are all composed, performed, programmed, recorded and mixed by me, and, as you might or might not notice, were a learning process and are still works in progress.

  • Hide and Seek
  • Manhattan Knight
  • Twilight Rainbows Acoustic Guitar Solo
  • Twilight Rainbows
  • Peaceful Secret
  • Storyteller
  • Dance Of Smiles
  • Softspoken
  • Remembranza
  • Gates Of Shadow
  • My Loved Ones
  • Drifting Beyond
  • Two Sides of the Circle Acoustic Solo
  • In Between a Tear and a Dream
  • Believe It or Not