Early Peruvian Recordings

This section is organized chronologically and it starts with a few recordings I made in Peru before moving to the US back in 1988. Some of them are just recordings made with a portable cassette player! I've tried to fix the sound a little bit to make them more enjoyable, but they are by no means pro-recordings

  • Classical Fragment. I studied classical for a few years so naturally, being a composer, I composed a few short classical pieces or fragments. Most have disappeared from my memory and I have no record of them. This is one that somehow has survived.

  • Canción Para No Olvidar (Song To Remember) In my search for ways to study music in a city that back then didn't offer many opportunities, I ended up studying with a Peruvian classical/contemporary composer called Walter Casas. He opened many doors for me and "forced" me to compose this piece. I am sure glad I did. I spent hours battling with my grandmother's piano, struggling with an instrument I didn't know how to play.

  • Bailarina. (Ballerina) This is a short piece composed for guitar and flute and recorded with my good friend, Manuel Miranda. It is one that was probably recorded with a portable cassette recorder. I call it now Bailarina because my girlfriend at the time (1980) was a dancer, who took it with her to New York and used it for some small performances.