In 1997, my wife Christine and I moved from Brooklyn to Barcelona, Spain. It was a great experience, not exempt from its challenges. Barcelona gave me the opportunity to deeply explore Tibetan Buddhism, to meditate, and also to enjoy life with its beauty, good food, beaches, beautiful countryside and nice people. I eventually recorded In Search of Happiness, for the Buddhist Monastery of Garraf near Barcelona.

The head of the monastery, Jamyang Tashi Dorje Rimpoche, didn't approve the first draft I presented for the CD. But I have to admit it's still one of my favorites from this body of work. Here you have the chance to listen to it.

During those years, of course I also composed some other songs. Four of those became part of my latest CD, After The Longest Dream. Of course, I didn't realize the true form of those songs until 14 years later in 2012 and in the city of Granada, Spain, where I currently live. So now you probably understand why I say most of the songs on this page are still works in progress! You never know what form and shape they'll take in the future. I give you three songs. These are just composer's drafts, never intended to be final products.

  • Prayer of Lineage of Sakya Tradition
  • Original Brand New Day
  • Original Fading Forests
  • Original Enlightenment