Guarango Live!

What comes next is a live recording we did at some theater in Lima with Guarango. It was at the end of our time together, as we were playing with the late Pocho Purizaga on drums. The band was formed by "Chaqueta" Piaggio on vocals and hand percussion, Alejandro "Pochi" Marambio on bass and vocals, Ramón Olivares on congas, Pocho Purizaga on drums and me on guitar. Guarango was a pretty successful band in Lima back then and we had a lot of fun together. This was not a professional recording and I am not sure how it came about. It's great to be able to hear the band playing live and with the great Pocho on drums. Also, we only recorded one cassette with Guarango early on. That's before CDs and no one was producing LPs in Lima back then. These live recordings include various original songs that we never got to record.

  • Memorias by Abelardo Oquendo.
  • Blues de los Amigos Desconocidos (Blues of the Casual Friends) by Alejandro Marambio.
  • Ballumbrosio by Chaqueta Piaggio
  • Rumor by Ramon Olivares
  • El Pirata (The Pirate) by Abelardo Oquendo
  • Fuera de La Ley (Outside the Law) by Pochi Marambio
  • Situaciones (Situations) by Chaqueta Piaggio
  • Hierba Mala (Weeds) by Pochi Marambio
  • Todo El Mundo (Everybody) by Abelardo Oquendo
  • Con Maraca y con Tambo (With Maracas and Drums) by Chaqueta Piaggio
  • Espejismo (Mirage) by Chaqueta Piaggio (incomplete)

  • This finishes the Peruvian recordings of this section, until I can get hold of a few more that will be added at a later time.